So, How are you feeding your mind today?

So, How are you feeding your mind today?

I hope you will agree with me on these following statements:

– 15-20 mins of watching a comedy show will uplift your mood, irrespective of your mood at the beginning.

– 15-20 mins of listening to sad songs or watching a sad movie will make you feel blue, again, irrespective of your mood at the beginning.

-15-20 mins of reading a news about a terror attack, a bomb blast, any major accident will make you feel terrified, vulnerable, insecure, angry.

-15-20 mins of watching romance will urge you to be with your partner of opposite sex or to fantasize about one if you don’t have a real one.

-15-20 mins of reading a motivational book/article will make you feel charged up.

Agreed! Then, here is why this is so. Information we receive from various sources are the food for our mind. Our mind process the information and generates thoughts according to the stuff provided. Positive information will lead to positive thoughts and negative one will result in negative thoughts. The thoughts generated will then lead to our feelings and behaviors. In this way, information leads to our day to day behaviors. Sometimes, this influence of the information received is quick and spontaneous, the other times it is slow. It all happens in the background, behind the curtain, that you can not see all this happening. So, Information has the power to play with our minds, and now-a-days, it is available at the tip of our fingers. We are actually living in an over-informed age. You are surrounded by the informations through out the day, starting from the time you wake up till you switch off the night lamps. Courtesy: Newspaper, radio, t.v, various people near you, and the most important one: your mobile phone. Many people have this habit of starting there day with reading newspaper. If you are starting the day with the informations like accidents, rape, murders, suicide, corruption, mismanagement in the town, etc, think what food you are giving to your brain to start the day with. Many people pick there mobile phones as soon as they wake up and also check it just before they go to bed. Again, I am very sure the information you are accessing is not necessarily a positive one. Yes, there are motivational stuff and good humour circulated through platforms like whatsapp and youtube, but you usually receive a lot of information through this medium which may or may not be good. Here the quality of information may be on a positive side, but the quantity, the volume is huge. It, therefore, becomes a un-neccessary burden for your mind, which may result in feeling lethargic, if not bad. The same is the case with t.v. It is good to have some entertainment, but check out the quality of shows you are watching. For example, people love watching news. It is good to know what is happening in the world around. But, if there is an accident happened in which many people have died. You saw it, you feel bad, you sympathized, all o.k. What sense does it make to watch it repeatedly, to visit various news channels, to hear what the survivors are saying, to hear the news again and again? Similarly, what does the shows based on crimes give you? Do they give any positive input to your brain? Illicit relationships, mistrust, sexual abuses, fraud, greed, and many more negativity is all they serve, with a gift wrap of ‘alarming people’!

Information, by itself, is neutral. It is the state of mind of the person who receives it which decides how to process it and what to extract. As we are living in an over-informed age, chances are high that we may process one or the other information in an unhealthy, negative manner. You will agree that we all have those ‘weak moments’ in our lives, when we are not psychologically strong. Due to today’s highly stressed occupations and lifestyles, such incidences of ‘feeling weak’ have became more frequent. People often have such moments on a regular basis, even daily! In such cases, it is crucial to filter the information before it reaches our mind, or else the consequences may be real bad. For instance, A person who is going through a tough phase of life, reads about people committing suicide in similar circumstances. What do you think, how is he going to process this information? Yes, he may think “This is the only way…” A person, highly in debt, watches a crime based show in which few people looted a house of a lonely lady. What message he may get from there? “This is possible”.

So, next time you are about to hook yourself with any source of information, be alert. Don’t waste your time and energy on any un-neccessary or/and negative piece of information. Only focus on the important and necessary informations. Keep yourself updated about the happenings of the world, but choose a right channel and a right time to access such informations.

Give a good feed to your mind and experience the difference in yourself. If you are feeling irritated, puzzled, lethargic, gloomy; check what informations are you feeding to your mind in last few day. You will find the answers by yourself!

Happy mind-feeding!

Tapan K. Pandit


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